Episode 841

Published on:

15th Nov 2022

The People Who Know: Listening to Your Space, Part 2


Last time we talked about the importance of listening to your space when decorating. It’s a little weird, so let’s dig into it a bit more. I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite.

Basically the concept is simple: our homes, barring some sort of major change, have certain characteristics that we need to work with when we choose colors. For example, my house is not full of amazing natural light, I have a TON of stained woodwork that i’m not really interested in painting right now and everything I own furniture-wise leans towards warmer tones. Now, in the past I was really interested in the whole “white everywhere” look. It felt bright, airy, clean. But with everything else going on in my house, I know it would be an uphill battle And i’d probably have ended up disappointed in the end results.

Instead, I needed to listen to my space and then temper my vision to fit. Instead of bright whites, I chose warmer off whites and light taupes. In the end, it worked well and just felt right in the space. What’s your space telling you? Make sure you take that into account when choosing your design direction. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.


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