Episode 902

Published on:

26th Apr 2023

Michigan's New VOC Regulations for Coatings


The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy recently published new VOC regulations and there are now new, lower VOC limits for coatings of all kinds.  I’m Dan Hansen and this is a minute at RepcoLite.

I know that sounds crazy boring . . . but here’s why it matters: That rule change means that a wide variety of traditional, solvent-based coatings will either have to be reformulated or will disappear. 

Sure, a lot of us use waterbased products on a regular basis, but there are some really key solvent-based products that just work better than their waterbased counterparts. And now, with these new rules in place, they will not be available. 

EXCEPT at RepcoLite. The language in the new regulation gives small coatings manufacturers like RepcoLite and additional 5 years to comply. Which means that RepcoLite is the one of Michigan’s only sources for these types of coatings. So if you used to use a solvent-based product and cannot get your hands on it anymore, stop out at any RepcoLite and start a conversation. There’s a very good chance we make a product that will fill your need. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a minute at RepcoLite.


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