Episode 916

Published on:

31st May 2023

You Can DIY! Part 4


I run into a ton of folks who swear they just are not good at DIY stuff. They say they’re all thumbs. I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite.

Everyone has a different excuse, but one common denominator with all of them is that they’re not thrilled that they can’t do this or that around the house. They wish they could. They’re envious of people who can. But they just feel inadequate to some extent.

Right? You know what I’m talking about. Many of you have been there. I’ve been there – I’m still there in regards to certain DIY projects.

But here’s the scoop: the info and answers are out there and the skills really are inside you. You may not be flawless in your execution. It may take you a couple tries. It may feel like a battle the whole way . . . but you can do it.

You just need to start. And painting in the home is the gateway project of all DIY stuff. It’s easy, you don’t need tons of specialty tools, and you see instant results. Let’s talk about the gold standard of DIY paint projects next time: painting your kitchen cabinets. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.


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