Episode 872

Published on:

26th Jan 2023

Working With Color: Start With the Right Collection!


Have you ever picked a color off a color chip and then, once you painted your room, found yourself questioning your sanity? I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite. 

It’s a common occurrence and it happens because of scale–color on a small chip looks much less intense than it will look on your walls. Once you have MORE of the color and have that color on ALL your walls, you really get a sense of how strong a color is.  

It’s frustrating and concerning. How do you make the switch to color if this is something that happens all the time? One easy trick is to start with Benjamin Moore’s Historical Collection of colors. At first, these tones are going to look very muted compared to other color collections, but there are very vibrant colors here, lots of options, and best of all, these colors are made to scale well. Even in large scale presentations, they won’t overpower your space. 

If you’re looking to bring color into your home, the historical collection is a great place to start. It will help you avoid the problems of scale. We’ll talk about another safety net to consider tomorrow. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.


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