Episode 839

Published on:

11th Nov 2022

The People Who Know: The Order of Decorating


At RepcoLite, we often talk to people who are frustrated or confused about the design work they’re doing in their homes. The good news is it’s easier than you may think. I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at Repcolite.

The reason it gets frustrating is because there are a number of mistakes we make when we’re pulling a space together.. And it’s these mistakes that so completely trip us up. One of the biggest mistakes we make on a project is this: we want to choose our paint colors first and then build the rest of the space around them. The paint chip rack full of thousands of colors always seems like a great place to start . . . to get our direction. 

But paint is nearly infinitely adjustable. If you can’t find your color in one of the 1000’s of color chips at RepcoLite, we can match someone else’s. If that doesn’t work we can alter any of those colors in hundreds of ways. You don’t have that freedom with your couch, your carpet, your artwork, your fixtures, or really anything else. So choose all those items first. Then, end with a trip to the paint store. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.


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