Episode 752

Published on:

24th Feb 2023

Reclaiming the Dungeon: Painting Your Basement, 1


(original airdate: 2/18/22)

When you talk about your home . . . do you tell people you have a lower level? Or do you refer to that space as a basement? I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite.

The terms are funny to me because we use them very specifically. And, generally speaking, you usually don’t want to mix them up. Certainly, you never want to walk into someone’s finished lower level and tell them it’s a beautiful basement. Even situating the word beautiful in front of basement, won’t usually produce good results. Lower level people don’t have basements. 

Anyway . . . if you’ve got a beautifully finished lower level, congratulations! You’ve made it! If you’re like a lot of us, though,  and just have a basement . . . or something even a little darker and danker than that . . . well, let’s make it better.

Years back I took a scary, dirty old basement and updated it dramatically with just some cleaning and some paint. It’s not complicated work and it’s not expensive. And the results are amazing. Not LOWER LEVEL amazing . . . but still, pretty cool. We’ll start walking through the main steps of the project tomorrow. Or, you can stop by any RepcoLite or Port City Paints and ask. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at Repcolite


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