Episode 882

Published on:

13th Feb 2023

MacGyver Paint . . . Part 2


Last time I told you how my family is watching MacGyver – the old television show from my childhood. I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite.

Now, the whole point of last time’s spot was to point out how MacGyver’s claim to fame was his ability to take normal, everyday items and use them in unusual manners to solve whatever that week’s current dilemma was. 

Well, I ended last time telling you there’s a paint product you can use in an unintended manner to produce amazing results. And I implied that perhaps by using the paint in this way, you could BECOME MacGyver. That not so. It is boring compared to MacGyver and in the interest of honesty, I will admit that.

However . . . it’s still worth knowing. So the paint product I’m talking about is Aura Bath and Spa. It’s a matte finish bathroom paint. Which is really interesting in and of itself–a MATTE finish that’s the best bathroom paint you can buy. But . . . what I’m talking about is using Aura Bath and Spa in and unintended area–like MacGyver would do – OUTSIDE of the bathroom. I’ll tell you why you may want to give that a try next time. I’m Dan Hansen and that’s a Minute at RepcoLite.


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